What We Do

Best-Fit Frames is a full-service, turn-key media company that has truly capture simplicity and innovation with our utility patented product.

Located in Sparta, WI, Best-Fit Frames:

  • Manufactures Best-Fit Frame
  • Installs frame around selected TVs
  • Designs, Prints, and Delivers magnetic graphics to your location

Frame applications for business owners include:

  • Internal branding initiatives
  • Marketing and revenue opportunities
  • Promoting special events, holidays, or themes

Start creating unique and memorable experiences for your customers today with Best-Fit Frames.

Our Mission

We don’t create ads at Best-Fit Frames; we create art! We want to take your brand to the next level while delivering one-of-a kind experiences to your target audience as they engage with our creative content.  We analyze our markets and strive to place our clients in front of relevant and receptive audience that creates positive and unique impressions each and every time.

Impressions That Make An Impact

We have secured premium out-of-home “white space” for your brand and its products to deliver unique and memorable impressions to the right people at the right time.

Billboards provide 6 second opportunities to deliver a message to an unspecified audience while it’s no secret TV commercials are consistently skipped or tuned out.

Best-Fit Frames creates attractive media content that stands out from the clutter and ahead of the commercials becoming the ultimate compliment to any advertising campaign.